I am a third year student at King’s College London studying Computer Science with Management. In my first year, I have achieved a first grade and I also obtained “Computer Science with Management Prize” for achieving the highest grade from my course. In my second yer, I have also achieved a first grade with the highest grade from my course, obtaining the same prize for the second year students.

I have been working as a backend developer at for over a year where we have a backend built on the e-commerce platform Solidus. I am part of the Core team that handles everything after cart: payments, shipping, tracking shipment and building tools for customer support. My most important tasks were:

  • Implementing two new payment methods: Klarna & Braintree Cards
  • Implement a shipment tracking system that uses Aftership for tracking packages and Twilio for sending messages to customers all over the world in different languages.
  • Update the backend application from a Solidus 1.* with Rails 4 to a Solidus 2.* with Rails 5
  • Contribute multiple PRs to Solidus (PRs)
  • Implement a taxation system for Australia & EU
  • Lead various projects for increasing speed of our test suite built on RSpec


Backend developer, July 2015 to present
Ruby on Rails Solidus Twilio Aftership SQL (Postgres)
Summer internship, June 2014 to August 2014
Microsoft Romania
C# Universal Windows Platform


BSc in Computer Science with Management, 2015 - 2018
King's College London
Computer Science with Management Prize
High School, 2011 - 2015
National College of Computer Science Tudor Vianu Bucharest
Two Silver Medals at National Olympiad of Computer Science


Carnetul de note

An application I’ve built while I was learning to developed Android application. This app allows Romanian students to keep track of their grades and get details about what they need to do in order to achieve their desired overall grade.

Android Java SQL (Sqlite) with Content Providers

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